To consider with print

Print colors

In print you normally start with four colours shortened CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and K for the last letter of black. Cyan is blue, Magenta is red, Yellow is yellow and K is black.

With these four colors you can mix up in basically any color. If necessary you can use an additional black color to get a really rich black, or use any special color such as. gold and silver.

Paper weight

Regular copypaper weighs about 80 g/m2. Paper weight have big implications on the feeling when you hold something in your hand.

Printing technique

There are various printing techniques you can use, the two most common are digital printing and offset printing and it's usually the volume to be printed that determines the technology used. Digital printing is typically for smaller editions and has a lower start-up cost. Offset printing is mainly used for larger editions and has a higher start-up cost due to the use of printing plates – but if the edition is big enough you can reach a break point where offset becomes cheaper.

Coated or uncoated paper

There are both coated and uncoated paper. Coated paper is often used for magazines and photos and has a very smooth finish, the coatings can range from high gloss to matte, depending on the purpose. Uncoated paper is often used for business cards and menus and generally have a more raw paper feel with varying texture.