Aktiebolag Riktiga Konsulter profiles themselves by offering what consultants were before:
IT specialists focused on solving customer problems.

Void Pointer is a company in Helsingborg who work with communication systems such as Golden EDI, a system for managing EDI communications. Void Pointer already had a logo but wanted to extend its brand with a clear visual identity that can be easily applied in all channels. Amrén Design was also commissioned to design a Word template and PowerPoint template which Void Pointer easily can use themselves to produce documents with the right brand image.

Golden EDI is a product by Void Pointer in Helsingborg which is a simple solution to manage EDI communication. Amrén Design got commissioned to do an overall brand identity with logo, web design and graphic profile that Void Pointer can lean on in all communication. Word and PowerPoint templates were also createdto allow Void Pointer themselves to easily create documents that follow the graphic profile.