Between 2006 and 2009 I worked as a sales rep at SpiritStores Väla in Helsingborg. There was a recurring demand for t-shirts with print that was something else than what the big chains was offering. I saw it as a great opportunity and sat down in 2008 and started sketching on various print designs, which also was the start of Amrén Design.

I ended up with four different prints that I designed, got produced and imported from China which were sold to SpiritStores and through my own online store with the brand MadeOfMade (Made Of Martin Amrén Design).


2011 it was time to put MadeOfMade and the clothing industry on the shelf after a few years with both lessons and successes to pursue other work. The design interest was topped!


Amrén Design was in 2013 reformed into a new shape as a design- and web agency and started working professionally with web design, web development, optimization, 3D, graphic design and print.


During 2016 Amrén Design reformed into a limited company and projects continues to increase.