What should a graphic profile contain?



The logo is the core and should be allowed to be the hero of a graphic profile. Everything else should be a reinforcement of the logo that highlights it and create feelings in order to build a brand.


Color choice and combination of different colors evoke different feelings. Color must go hand in hand with what feelings you want the brand to create. Even if, for example,. you come up with the color blue, there are many different shades of blue and f.ex. more and less saturated colors.


A font can really make a difference to the feeling you get from reading a text. There are two main families of fonts, Sans-Serif and Serif. The difference is that Serif fonts have small feet on the letters and Sans-Serif does not. Serif typefaces often give a more stable impression and Sans-Serif a little more modern.


As support for logo, color and fonts, you can use any other graphics, f.ex. a pattern or shape.




From the inside and out

My approach is from the inside and out, that is to say that I'm starting with the logo and then add a graphical profile. It is then based on the graphical profile that all marketing materials can be created to get a consistent message across all channels.

Website, print,
ads etc..

With a logo and visual identity in place, all communication unified

Graphic Profile

Based on the logo and add color, fonts and graphics


The core of the brand