Reach the unreacheable with 3D

It gets pretty expensive to build a spaceship and go into space to take a photo of the earth in a particular angle and with the sun in the background. With 3D, it's so much easier since f.ex. NASA publish free images which can be used for 3D rendering. There are many scenarios where 3D makes it easier and cheaper to produce images of something that is otherwise difficult to reach and / or view.

If you f.ex. need several photos of products taken at exactly the same angle it can, depending on the product, save cost to build the scene in 3D and then be able to modify objects easily and “take new photos”.





3d logo


A logo illustrated in 3D gives a professional impression in f.ex. presentations.


3D Product Image

Product image

Product images in 3D is a strong alternative to photography. Maybe you don't have any real products produced yet but need product pictures for marketing and sales? As long as you have a drawing of your product, I can build it in 3D and create realistic product images for you.


3d environment image

Environment image

3D can also be used to create environmental images. You may want to see how your product looks compared to competitors' in a specific environment.


3d abstract

Abstract image

In 3D, it's easy to create abstract emotions and images that are often difficult to capture on photo.




Take a trip to Mars

Maybe you want to have an animation flying around Mars?



blue fluffball, anyone?

It's only your imagination that sets the limits of 3D. Realism or not is your own choice.

How to make 3D images?

I use Blender to create 3D images. Blender is a powerful 3D program that can handle the entire 3D process – modeling, animation, rigging, simulation, compositing, video editing and game creation. Blender is also open source and free to use.

If you are interested in starting with 3D, you can read more about Blender on



Blender 3D